This week in Sra. H's classes

We are beginning a new unit called Who am I?.  It will focus on students being able to describe their personality and physical traits as well as identify their nationality.  The central verb being used with this unit is SER, which mean TO BE.  Students will also learn the Spanish subject pronouns. By the end of the unit, students should be able to write, read, understand, and say short sentences using all the grammar and vocab from the unit.  We will spend a good month on this unit, so they have time to learn it all.

At the end of the unit, students will be given a three-part test that focuses on different areas: listening, speaking, and writing.  I have provided the students with a breakdown of each test with expectations, rubrics, and grading. If you have questions about it, ask me or your child to show you the document (it's in the Who am I? unit folder in Schoology). There will be some test along the way too. I will need to test them on certain aspects of the unit to make sure all are understanding the material as we go.  These tests will be small and a good indicator of your student's progress.

All of your kids are so much fun to have in class! I have really enjoyed getting to know them this past month and a half.  

Sra. H