February 8, 2019

We started planning our interviews this week by watching video features from 6o Minutes. I had students pay close attention to the types of questions interviewers asked, and I think they appreciated the content as well (a profile of young adult author, John Greene and a profile of how a small town couple figured out how to win $26 million playing the lottery using simple math). I emphasized the importance of avoiding general questions as well as “yes/no” questions, and we also discussed how an interview and the subject matter for a feature could have multiple focuses. For instance, Greene discussed his books, his online popularity, and his struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

I allowed some time for students to craft their questions (Due to scheduling some classes questions were due today, 2/8, and others will be due Monday, 2/11). Students should be scheduling their interviews as soon as possible, so we can begin the writing process next week! A rough draft will be due on Friday, February 22. (See homework website)

Remember, there will also be a vocabulary test on list #7 next week as well! I have decided to push the sentence assessment back a bit- probably into Trimester 3 because I want students to internalize this concept as much as possible. We will be applying our sentence structure knowledge in the coming weeks as we begin drafting our features, but students should be reviewing the activities in the Grammar folder on Schoology for practice!
I know some of the students are interviewing a parent or family member for this assignment, and I hope you enjoy the interview process as much as I enjoy reading the final products!
Have a great weekend!