Choir and General Music

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General Music Class Overview
8th Grade:

Music of China:

Students will learn the history of Chinese culture and the instruments associated with its folk traditions. Students will create a Chinese opera mask, character story, and a melody to accompany it.


Students will examine what really makes music in a non-traditional way. Students in this unit will bring in their own "instruments" in the form of things like kitchen utensils, school supplies, etc. to create a staged performance of a STOMP routine. 

Broadway Musical Theater Unit

Students will explore how the Broadway Musical genre uses song and dance to communicate a story and characterization through a choreographed and sung performance of a broadway scene. 

GarageBand Projects:

Students will dive deeper into the GarageBand tools and use them to create a musical setting to a short poem, contextualizing the sound with what is happening with the text.

7th Grade:

Music of Africa:

Students will be learning about the music of Africa and traditions from several countries and regions. Students will perform on instruments traditionally used in African drumming and will compose their own performances in small groups. Students will listen to a variety of performances from native musicians and learn about the culture and history of the music.

Guitar and Songwriting:

Students will continue on in their guitar skills, including arpeggiation, palm muting, and finger picking. Their final project will be to write an original song with chord changes and lyrics.

GarageBand Project: 

Students will compose a verse/chorus original song using Garageband and the many tools it has to offer.

Listening Maps Unit:

Students will learn about the elements of music including form, texture, timbre, dynamics, articulation, and instrumentation and will create a playlist using a variety of songs with differing elements. Students will do a formal analysis of the verses, choruses, and bridges and explain what musical events take place within each section.

6th Grade:

Guitar Unit:
Students in 6th grade will begin the year with learning guitar skills using the ChordBuddy learning system. We will work on a variety of strumming techniques, basic chord harmonies, singing and playing, and performing a variety of popular songs.

Music of Latin America:

Students will perform a variety of Latin American rhythms on instruments from multiple traditions and countries. Students will learn basic steps to a solo cha cha dance and move along with traditional cha cha music. Students will research a country of their choosing and create a presentation describing the music, history, and culture of the country they choose.

Dulcimer Unit:

Students will learn to play the Appalachian Dulcimer through a variety of folk tune melodies. Students will compose their own melodies and perform them for the class.

Battle of the Bands:

Students will form small group bands using guitar, drums, and vocals to reproduce a popular song and perform for the class.