6th Grade Class Curriculum

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In 6th grade we will be looking at the elements of art during the course of the trimester during the three projects that we work on. In each project we formally introduce the elements to be covered in a series of worksheets.

On our first project we will be looking at the elements of art form and texture with a ceramic whistle. By creating a functional form with texture as a focus, students will use clay to express their interpretation of an animal. Each student is allowed to creatively express his or her choice of animal with the only limitation being the form of the whistle must be able to function. While the whistles dry and then go into the kiln, we will start our second project. We will pause the second project to come back to glaze the work after a bisque firing.

In our second project we will be looking at the elements of art line, shape, and space in a series of contour drawings. We start with a few blind contours, where students are asked to work on observation and hand/eye coordination by not looking down at the paper as they draw. Although these drawings are not the most “beautiful” they are a great way to practice observational skills. After these warm up drawings we will be looking at creating a series of direct observational drawings with high details in the work. We create a series of these drawings to give the opportunity to show growth in drawing skills.
Our third and final project will take a look at the elements of art color and value. In this assignment students will be creating an abstract drawing loosely biased on one of the contour drawings from class. Using the iPad students will photograph, enlarge, and crop from one of their drawings to create a composition of shapes. After the drawing is completed, students will use watercolor paint to show an understanding of the various color choices presented in class, like analogous, complementary, cool, or warm colors.