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Thanks for visiting the visual arts page. I hope that all students in my class will not only learn new techniques and the vocabulary of art, but also learn to hone their critical thinking skills and develop a love for creative thinking. During the trimester that students are with me they will be exploring various media and concepts. Below you can find a short synopsis of the  projects that each grade level will be doing. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Email is the best method, you can click on my name to the right to get a link to my email address and other contact info.


The 6th grade experience has a focus on understanding the elements of art at a deep level. We will look at Line, Shape, Space, Color, Form, Texture, and Value throughout the trimester as a kick of for each of our projects. a deep understanding of the elements of art creates a strong base of understanding how art is made.


The first project that the 6th graders will be experiencing involves creating a ceramic whistle. The elements of art focused on for this project are form and texture. We will also look in-depth at the four stages of clay and what you can do with the medium. The whistle project creates an understanding of what is required to make a aesthetically pleasing work of art that must also serve a function. For inspiration the students are directed to look at the animal kingdom, mythology, or to create a personification of an object in the creation of the sculptural part of the project. Students are encouraged to experiment with textures by using found objects to press into the clay, manipulating by hand, as well as carving using traditional clay tools.


The second project that the 6th graders will be attempting is a series of Contour Drawings. For this project we look at the elements of art Line, Shape, and Space. Students will be asked to focus deeply at the minute details of individual objects ranging from organic forms like the hand to more complex forms like a running shoe. The goal is to emphasize the importance of observation to be able to truly understand what we see and try to draw. The students will be asked to reflect on how they have shown growth over the course of creating 6 to 8 drawings.


The third and Final project of the 6th grade experience will look at the elements of art Color and Value. Students will be creating a color wheel on the iPad, as well as learning about the 5 major color scheme, warm, cool, analogous, complementary and monochromatic. Then, using one of the  color scheme students will explore liquid watercolor paints applied to an abstract design inspired by one of the contour drawings created earlier from the second projects. 


The 7th grade experience shifts focus from the basic elements of art onto the principles of art. During this trimester we will be looking at the principles Emphasis, Harmony, Gradation, Movement and Pattern/Rhythm. The principles of art utilize the elements of art to make things happen within a work of art. During this trimester experience we will also be looking at the historical styles of art Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, as well as taking a look at communicating ideas through graphic design.


The first project the 7th graders will be working on involves the principles of art harmony, emphasis, and gradation. We will be studying the influential styles of art impressionism and post-impresssionsim, looking at what in history caused the movements to happen, as well as what were the major characteristics of the styles. We will explore the works of the major artists of both movements, with the students choosing to "adopt" a masterwork to be inspired by. Students will then "modernize" the painting in their own composition, bringing the works of the late 1800's into our times. We will be attempting to create a harmony of the element of art texture in the works, as well as attempting to use at least one of the other elements of art to create emphasis. Because pencil is much easier to design with, students will be creating a sketch to base the painting on. This year we will be trying something new, the students will be painting on stretched canvas. After the students finish their painting project, they will choose to do a reflective writing or video describing their work.


The second project the 7th graders will be creating is actually two projects on one canvas, if you can think of a T-Shirt as a canvas! The first part of the project is always one of our most popular, and looks to how movement and pattern/rhythm can be created with color in a Tie-Dye. We will explore several different options in how compression in a folded piece of fabric can create rhythmic patterns of colors and shapes. The second step of this project will look at the work of graphic design in creating a silk screen print that will be used to communicate an idea though imagery and text. Students will get to choose between three different design choices, creating advertisement for a fictitious band, brand, or company, illustrating a quote, or designing a personal logo that tells us three things about who they are with imagery.

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