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Week of: 06/01/2020
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6th Grade Phoenix Team News

Phoenix Team Class Meetings
Starting on Monday, May 11th, the Phoenix Team will return to holding daily class Zoom meetings. Students are expected to attend unless there is a conflict, in which case, the student should let the teacher know. Please review the schedule below carefully. The top two rows list the day of the week as well as which block we will meet with on that day. (Block 2 on Mondays, block 3 on Tuesdays, block 1 on Wednesdays, block 5 on Thursdays, and block 4 and SEL on Fridays). The column on the left lists teacher names. Please look at that row to see specific times teachers will be holding their class Zoom meetings.  

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eLearning Information
The Phoenix Team shared the following presentation with students during X-Block this afternoon to help prepare them for the upcoming school closure: eLearning_Phoenix_Team.pdf 

Students be sure to check your email and Schoology Notifications on eLearning Days!  Your teachers will be available to answer questions by email or chat from 9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. on eLearning Days.

The District eLearning Days are:

Wednesday, 03/18
Thursday, 03/19
Friday, 03/20
Monday, 03/30

Technology Support is available from 9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. on eLearning Days!
D34 Technology Hotline: 847-998-5075
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American Heart Challenge
Springman Middle School is participating in the American Heart Challenge.  The American Heart Challenge is an opportunity to do good, while feeling good. If you'd like to create an account to participate, you may register on the American Heart Association Website following the attached directions.  
Field Trip Permission Slip
Students should be bringing home the permission slip for our upcoming field trip to the Chicago Wolves.  If it’s missing or the dog ate it, please print a new one. Signed permission slips and $10.25 cash or check must be returned to your child's Social Studies teacher by Wednesday, 01/29!

On Thursday, February 20th, the 6th graders will be taking their first field trip of the year to Allstate Arena to see the Chicago Wolves hockey game. A great deal of thought and preparation has gone into this trip. We are thrilled that our students will have this opportunity to see that so many of the things they learn about at school can be connected to something exciting like a hockey game. Below, we have listed the specific academic connections students will be making in each of the core subject areas.

In an upcoming science unit, students will learn about Newton's Laws of Motion.  During the game, students will observe examples of each of Newton's Laws as well as other key concepts from this unit, including: friction, contact force, inertia, acceleration, momentum, potential energy, and kinetic energy.  Following the game, students will identify examples of the types of friction (sliding and static), kinetic energy, and potential energy. 

Students often ask how what we are learning math applies to real life…the famous, “When are we ever going to use this in real life?” question.  This trip will allow us to answer that question by making some real life connections. We will be making some geometry connections using the measurements of the hockey field and hockey equipment.  We will also be calculating some statistics on the players and shooting percentages and save percentages.

Social Studies:

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Stock Your Pencil Case for the New Year!

With winter break approaching, it's time to make a list of the school supplies you need to replenish for the New Year.  During X-Block this week, you'll be checking that your pencil case has all of the necessary supplies:

  • headphones/earbuds
  • 1-2 highlighters
  • 3-4 pens (blue or black)
  • 3-4 sharpened pencils
  • pencil sharpener
  • eraseer
  • 1 colored pen (red or green)
  • 2 glue sticks or 1 roll of tape
  • scissors
  • post-it notes
  • ruler (if it fits)
  • stylus - optional

If your headphones don't fit in your pencil case, they should be labeled with your name and kept in your locker for days they are needed in class.  If you are missing any supplies, please find a time over winter break to pick up more for the New Year! We'll be checking pencil cases the first week back and handing out SuperStars to students with a fully stocked supply case.
Halloween Guidelines Reminder

Halloween always is a spirited day at school, and we look forward to seeing students’ creative costumes. The middle schools will host our Halloween activities on Thursday, October 31st . In order to promote a safe and respectful environment, here is a reminder about costume guidelines:

 Face/body make-up along with hair coloring are welcome, but they must be applied at home, prior to coming to school. Students may not bring hair coloring or make-up to apply at school or to share with others.

 Masks may not be worn during the school day.

 Props should not be brought to school.

 Costumes need to be consistent with our dress standards. Specifically, costumes should respect the dignity and sensitivities of all groups of people. They should avoid representations that are inappropriately provocative, excessively violent, or that contain references to drugs or alcohol.

Beach Sweep

It's time to help clean the shores of Lake Michigan for our annual Beach Sweep!  International Coastal Cleanup Day is Saturday, September 21st. Please considering joining as citizens all over the globe clean beaches and riverbanks.  You can earn service credit for your participation!

You are responsible for providing your own transportation to/from Gilson Park.  Carpooling is strongly encouraged!

If you are interested, you must return a permission slip (attached below) along with $3 by Wednesday, 09/18.  Hope to see you there!  


Say Cheese!

Don't forget to bring your order form and payment for Picture Day on Tuesday, August 27th!  Even if you don't plan on ordering school photos, you will still have your picture taken for the yearbook.  Wear a solid-colored top, but it should NOT be green! 

Welcome to the Phoenix Team!

The Phoenix Team Teachers are excited for the start of the 2019-2020 school year.  We look forward to meeting you on Wednesday, August 21st! Please wait until Thursday to bring your school supplies.

Yearbook Guidelines


You will enjoy your yearbook for many years to come. Write sentiments that your classmates will enjoy reading years from now. Our “Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?” policy applies to yearbooks. Respect each person. Respect each yearbook.



  • A label with your name on it has been placed on your yearbook for identification purposes. Do not deface this label.
  • Give your yearbook only to friends, one at a time. Read what’s written as soon as the student has finished signing your book. Ask only people you trust to sign your book.
  • Always sign in ink.
  • Sign your first and last names.
  • Profanity is inappropriate and forbidden.
  • If you discover that someone has written something inappropriate in your yearbook, inform one of your team teachers immediately.
Phoenix Team Picnic
We are looking forward to celebrating the end of an amazing school year with the students and have several fun activities planned.  

On Wednesday, June 5th, students will participate in the 6th Grade Field Day, and on Thursday, June 6th, we will have our Team Picnic at Rugen Park.

Please check with your child who should be bringing home the school supply order form for next year and the team picnic permission slip this week.  If the picnic permission slip is missing or the dog ate it, please print a new one.  

If you would like to contribute a healthy snack for the students to enjoy during Field Day or at the Team Picnic, please sign up using this link:

Picnic Snack Sign-Up

Thank you for a fantastic school year!