The Student-Parent Handbook

The Student-Parent Handbook is an invaluable resource to our school community.  The Handbook contains a description of our program, an explanation of school expectations, and information about various aspects of the school day.  Handbooks are issued to all students on the first day of school (the cost of the Handbook is included in registration fees).  In addition, administrators conduct a "Handbook Talk" with each team of students during the first week of school.  During this orientation, a school administrator shares highlights of the Handbook, reviews important rules, and identifies how students can make the most of their school year.  Students and parents are expected to read the handbook and then submit a completed "Sign-Off Page" by the indicated deadline (found on the first page of the Handbook). 

In addition to important information, the Handbook also contains an Assignment Notebook that students will use throughout the year to track assignments, assessments, and other important information about their classes.  This portion of the Handbook is customized with subject information and important dates.  If a student misplaces his/her Handbook and determines it cannot be recovered, a replacement fee of $6 is required for a new Handbook.