School Supplies 2019-2020

The Springman-Attea PTA offers parents the opportunity to purchase pre-packaged school supplies.  These packages contain all of the items identified on the grade-level or team list and are delivered directly to your homes.  The deadline for ordering these PRE-PACKAGED supplies is JUNE 16, 2019. To order pre-packaged supplies, click this link and use the code: SPR144  After you enter the code, follow the links to your child's grade-level or team (8th grade only).

To purchase your own supplies, click on the link below for the lists of supplies. Select the appropriate tab at the bottom of the page for your students grade and team.

Please note that NO supplies are needed for the first day of school! Rather, we ask that all students wait until they meet their teachers and hear from them what supplies to bring during the first week.  Bring an empty backpack and something to write with on the first day of school.  

And a note about lockers.  All students will receive their locker assignments and locker combinations on the first day of school (not before).  Your teachers will give you time during the first week of school to carefully set-up and organize your supplies in your lockers.  The lockers provide you with a secure location to store your school materials but please be mindful that space is limited.  Therefore, please do not use a backpack with built-in wheels as they will not fit within the lockers.  Also, hanging locker organizers/shelves are not permitted as they interfere with the locking mechanisms.  If you would like to use a locker shelf, please be sure to purchase a metal one that sits on the floor of your locker.