Happy redDay!!

Thanks to all of our students who helped us celebrate R(espect) E(ach) (Difference) Day at Springman on November 15th! The redDay pledge helps us remember that we can honor one another through our words and actions today and everyday! 

"I promise to Respect Each person's Differences. I will show acceptance and appreciation to everyone so that I can be a part of making our school, our community and our world a kinder place."

Clubs & Interscholastics @ Springman SlideShow

Learn about all the extracurricular clubs that Springman has to offer with the enclosed slide show. 

Clubs & Interscholastics

Visitor Procedure at District 34 Buildings

As a reminder, the district has implemented new visitor management procedures at all of its buildings. As part of this, all visitors will need to be properly identified before entering the front office at all schools and the Administration Building. 

Once you have entered the front office, your identification will be run through our Raptor System and you will be given a visitor lanyard to wear throughout your time in the building. Your ID will be held by the front office until you have returned the lanyard and exited the building. This is to ensure all visitors are accounted for in the event of an emergency. For more information,please click here .

Recordatorio: Procedimiento para Visitantes a los Edificios del Distrito 34