Girls Volleyball

Springman 7th and 8th grade girls' volleyball is an interscholastic program for girls with a high interest level and top skills or the athletic potential to develop top skills. Players are selected for the team through a tryout process which takes place the second week of school.  All players chosen for the team must be committed to attend daily weekday practices and games.  The team practices or plays a game virtually every school day from the beginning of September through the middle of October.  All practices run until 5:00pm.

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Coach Ginis
8th Grade Coach

Coach Wilkerson
7th Grade Coach



2023 Girls Volleyball Game Schedule

Date/Time Location Grade Game Order

Wednesday, September 6 (4:30 pm)

AWAY vs. Wilmette Junior High

Thursday, September 7 (4:15 pm)

AWAY vs. Attea Middle School

Same Time
Monday, September 11 (4:30 pm) HOME vs. Caruso Middle School 8/7
Tuesday, September 12 (4:15 pm) AWAY vs. Gemini Middle School Same Time
Monday, September 18 (4:30 pm)

HOME vs. Shepard Middle School

Tuesday, September 19 (4:30 pm) AWAY vs. Maple Junior High 8/7
Thursday, September 21 (4:00 pm) Home vs. OLPH 7/8
Tuesday, September 26 (4:30 pm) Home vs. Wood Oaks Junior High 7/8
Wednesday, September 27 (4:30 pm) AWAY vs. Field Middle School 7/8
Monday, October 2 (4:30 pm)

AWAY vs. Caruso Middle School

Tuesday, October 3 (4:30 pm)

AWAY vs. Shepard Middle School

Friday, October 6 (4:15 pm)

HOME vs. Wilmette Junior High

Monday, October 9 (4:30 pm)

HOME vs. Northbrook Junior High

Tuesday, October 10 (4:15 pm)

HOME vs. Attea

Monday, October 16 (TBD): 1st Round

Elite 8 at Maple vs. (TBD)

8th Tournament

Monday, October 16 (Semifinal @ 4:30)

Finals @ 6:30

 Final 4  at Wilmette vs. (TBD)

Finals Game at Wilmette

vs. (TBD)

7th Tournament
Tuesday, October 17 (Semifinal & Finals)

at Maple vs. TBD

8th Tournament