Co-Curricular Activities

Participation in co-curricular activities is a good way for a Springman student to become involved, make new friends, and have fun! Meeting times and dates for co-curricular activities are announced in the morning, flyers & posters are displayed throughout the building and "Co-Curricular Catalogue" is shared via the website each fall. An Activity Bus is provided at 4:10 p.m. for students participating in these supervised activities. Students may obtain a pass to ride the bus from their activity supervisors.  To access the Co-Curricular Catalogue, click here.
If a student would like to try out for an interscholastic team at Springman a sports physical completed by a physician must be on file at the health office PRIOR to the first day of try-outs. A sports physical is valid for one calendar year. Students without a current physical exam on file in the health office will Not be allowed to participate in try-outs or practices and thus will be ineligible for the team. Students should check their eligibility with their coach first.  If there are any concerns they should then go for more information to the School Nurse.
All teams have a packet of information and forms that must be returned to the coach before try-outs or practices begin.  Students will not be permitted to participate without returning the required forms.  Each team has a different packet of information and may have different forms that need to be returned.  However, two of the forms will be the same for any team obtained by clicking the links below.
Students can determine if they have been selected for an inter-scholastic sports team by using the Co-Curricular Hotline. After 7:00 p.m. the hotline will be updated with the list of students by their try-out number. Sixth grade students may participate in Interscholastic Cross Country and Interscholastic Track & Field.  Also, any athlete must be in school at least three hours on game day in order to play in a game after school. If any athlete is excused from PE class on game day, he/she may not participate in the game after school. It is the athlete‚Äôs responsibility to inform the coach. 

It is the responsibility of the student athlete to maintain eligibility while participating on an interscholastic athletic team. Work done in class must be acceptable by the classroom teacher and assignments must be in on time. It is the responsibility of the classroom teacher(s) to inform the coach of any academic deficiencies. The coach, in collaboration with the classroom teacher(s) and the student, will determine if the student needs to miss practice(s) and/or game(s) in order to obtain extra help/time to complete school work. 

SPORTSMANSHIP IN ACTION                                                                                                         Springman Middle School believes that good sportsmanship is one of the keys to a successful sports season for participants and spectators. The following principles have been adopted to reflect this strong belief: 

  • Spectators and participants are all guests at the games and have a responsibility to uphold the ideal of good manners and sportsmanship.
  • Game officials do their best to make quick, fair, and unbiased decisions, and should be treated with respect and authority.
  • Every competitor is worthy of our respect and should be treated with courtesy.
  • A true competitor is humble in victory and steadfast in defeat.
    Students are reminded that all school rules are in effect during co-curricular activities. In addition, the following guidelines are in effect for spectators at sporting events:
    • Food or drinks are not allowed in the gym.
    • Spectators may not walk across the game floor.
    • Spectators may not leave during the game for any reason other than an emergency or to go home.
    • Spectators may only use the washrooms at half-time or between games.
    • Students who stay after school to watch either the 1st or 2nd game must stay in a supervised area from 3:05 to 4:05 p.m. Students must then go directly to the South Gym to watch the game. Students who choose to go home after school and return to the building should go directly to the South Gym to watch the game.