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12/03/2018 | This week in Social Studies...
Trimester 2! 
Our young historians will be finishing the 1920's and we will begin exploring the Great Depression. After winter break we will begin the largest unit of the year as we learn about WW2 and the Holocaust. We will be visiting the Illinois Holocaust Museum in the new year as part of this unit. I look forward to a great trimester!
Mr. Bailey

08/25/2015 | Welcome Back!!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful summer break and they are ready for a fantastic 8th Grade year. I enjoyed my summer spending time with my wife and kids, going to the beach, visiting family in Iowa and Wisconsin, reading, and cooking out and getting ready for the new school year! I look forward to hearing all about your summer adventures.
This year we will be exploring World Cultures and Geography. Have you ever been on a really cool vacation to a beach, mountain or city?  Given someone directions to your house or somewhere else?  Learned a new language?  Eaten foods from a culture not your own?  If you have done any of those things, then you have dealt with geography and cultures.  Geography is more than just looking at maps, it is a way to answer questions about places on the earth and their relationships to the people who live there.  Geography is all around us and it shapes the way we live, think, and who we are. Be ready to jump in and I look forward to seeing all of you on the 25th.
Mr. Bailey

03/14/2015 | This week in Social Studies...
This past week we had a great start to our unit on the Cold War. We discussed America's role in stopping Communism after the War both at home and abroad. We will continue our investigations this week as we prepare for our PARCC testing on Thursday, Friday and the following Monday. 
Student do not forget to have you iPads ready and charged and to bring in your headphones to be used for the PARCC testing later this week.
Finally, I would like to thank, on the behalf of the entire Summit team of teachers, all of the parents who volunteered and participated on the 7th Grade field trip to the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. The students had a great experience at the museum and all of your help made it possible! Thanks!
02/13/2015 | This week in Social Studies...
This week in Social Studies we will continue look at the Holocaust as we continue our unit on WWII. We will be viewing Living Histories this coming week and discussing the resistance to the Nazi reign of terror during the war. Students don't forget to get your field trip forms signed and turn your money into me for the field trip March 3rd to the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center! These are due by February 27th. You will find the field trip form attached below.
Mr. Bailey
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11/13/2014 | This week in Social Studies...
This week we will be learning about the start of World War 1. Why the U.S. got involved and the home front and its effects on American society. Students will also be writing a narrative about a soldiers experience of World War 1 and how different the war was from previous wars. We look forward to a great week!
10/21/2014 | This week in Social Studies...
This week in Social Studies we will be doing research on the Age of Imperialism for the United States. Students will complete assignments to gain background information so they may begin writing a history blog on Imperialism. Students will discuss Imperialism and the U.S. involvement in different territories/countries in the early 1900's. Students will address the geography of their choice, the history, America's involvement, what happened after intervention and the current state of the country/territory. We also look forward to going on our field trip to Wagner Farm to see an example of a 1920's operating farm and doing some team building activities at Passages. Have a great week!
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