Ms. Alexis Wilk's Classroom News

08/18/2018 | Welcome Back!
Welcome back Pegasus! I am looking forward to seeing you all, and I am excited for the start of the new school year!

In Science we will be piloting a new program called HMH Science Dimensions to use with our units this year. Our first unit will focus on the water cycle, followed by a unit on space systems. The online program, Science Dimensions, will include projects, hands-on labs, engineering challenges, and a variety of other activities!

In ELA, we will be kicking off Trimester 1 by reading A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park. This novel tells the alternating stories of two characters, Salva and Nya, who live in Sudan but at different time periods. I look forward to the discussions we will have surrounding this novel! Additionally, we will continue our weekly Word Within the Word (Stems) lists and grammar practice using the online tool NoRedInk

This trimester in Social Studies we will be learning about the five themes of geography and applying this information to different regions of the world. Once we become familiar with the five themes and the tools geographers use, we will move into our first unit and focus specifically on the physical features, culture, and history of Europe. Throughout the year, we will be exploring and discussing how where we live affects who we are.