Mr. Jason Kieronski 's Classroom News

03/11/2016 | Spring conferences
09/25/2014 | Football Progression
This week we began our basic training of football skills to lead our way into great flag football games next week.  We started with throwing and catching and the cues that were provided (first and third laces, archer pose, step and twist with hips and finally, letting it roll off the fingers) proved to be just the trick for many of the kids who have struggled with throwing a spiral in the past.  The catching part was simple.  Imagine holding a giant hoagie in your hands.  That cue shapes the hands into a ready position and then may the force be...absorbed.  Then, we played a lead-up game called Passing for Points which introduced and reinforced the concepts of interceptions, line of scrimmage and 4 plays (downs).  Finally, the students competed in a NFL-style Punt, Pass and Kick competition.  They learned the small differences of kicking vs punting.  This week's fitness test was the PACER run.  This test assesses the ability of the student's body to utilize oxygen.  If you have ever wondered if you could run the PACER test on a treadmill, then well you are in luck.  I have attached a word document showing you the speeds and times to progress appropriately.  It is a wonderful warm-up for any avid exerciser.  Give it a try!  Stay active and interesting this weekend. 
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