Mrs. Jessica Wong's Classroom News

08/15/2018 | Welcome Back 8th Graders!
Welcome back to Springman, Infinity! 

As 8th graders, we'll spend time making sure students are developing skills to prepare them for high school. This includes goal setting, self advocating, managing assignments, and developing study skills. We're looking forward to a new school year!
08/24/2017 | Welcome back to Springman!
Welcome to the Infinity team! 

Resource class will be an opportunity for students to get organized, receive help on homework, and practice study skills to prepare for assessments and longterm assignments. I look forward to working with you this year!
10/31/2016 | Descriptive Writing
Now that we are finished with our research unit, we are moving into descriptive and narrative writing. Students are currently writing a 3 paragraph passage describing their homes. They are focusing on using their 5 senses, showing instead of telling, and including . Next, they will choose a classmate to describe by focusing on both their internal and external characteristics. Finally, we will use what we have learned about descriptive writing to create a descriptive narrative about a popcorn kernel. 
09/13/2016 | Research Project
Students did an excellent job on their Parts of Speech Menus! They were all very creative and descriptive. 

This week we are beginning our research unit. Students will begin by taking a pretest to demonstrate their current understanding of how to create a research report. We will learn about plagiarism, how to properly cite sources, and how to take notes when researching. By the end of the unit, each student will have a research report on an endangered animal. 
08/23/2016 | Welcome Back!
Welcome back, Infinity students! I hope you are all looking forward to a wonderful 8th grade year! 

We will dive back into writing with a review of the parts of speech. Students will create a menu for a restaurant using descriptive verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and nouns. 
05/16/2016 | Hall of Fame Narrative
We will be ending the year by analyzing the music video of the song "Hall of Fame". Students will then create a narrative of one of the people shown in the music video focusing on the theme of the song. 

We will also end our grammar unit with a summative assessment on the parts of speech and types of sentences on Thursday, May 26th.