Ms. Laura Iannotti's Classroom News

12/03/2018 | 212 ยบ Every Day- Happy Trimester 2

What a great ending to Trimester 1 with your creative short stories! We will continue to work to publish those so that ALL blocks can share in my amazement! Do NOT discard any drafts in the meantime!:) 
We are starting this trimester off with our shared reading of "Flowers for Algernon." You have already impressed me with your thoughtful questions, insights, and cooperation during the various activities we've done so far. Keep it up! 

A HUGE thank you to last trimester's block captains: Caroline O., Hudson P., Meg M. Sydney O., Shae H., Olivia P., Anna M., Jeremiah S., Rachel K., and Colin R. 
You guys rocked! It was a pleasure working with you, and I appreciated all of your hard work, leadership, and enthusiasm. True role models for your classmates! 

All votes are in for Trimester 2 Block Captains....

Congratulations to the following students!!

Block 1: Caroline Ohlandt and Amirlyn Vasquez
Block 2: Quincy Hurley and Sydney Olthoff
Block 3: Nathan Horwitz and Phoebe Kullman
Block 4: Patrick Moran and Jeremiah Selvy-Israel
Block 5: Garret Kostov and Colin Rogers

I look forward to working with you this trimester and am excited to see what ideas you bring to make Trimester 2 great! :)
Our first meeting will be THIS Wednesday (12/5) at lunch! See you there!!

Remember to read EVERY night for at least 30 minutes and keep up that 212 spirit!
Kind Regards,
Ms. Iannotti


09/18/2014 | Narratives and Novels
This week we started to discuss the three types of narrative writing, focusing on personal narratives to start. We will use this to parallel our reading of A Long Walk to Water, which tells of two journeys through Sudan, Africa. As part of this novel study, we will be using close readings of various nonfiction texts to develop background knowledge. (See attached file for close reading directions and reminders.) This will provide students with a deeper understanding of the climate of both the time periods (The novel takes place in the 1980's and early 2000's.) and the location of the novel. We will read first-person accounts from the Lost Boys of Sudan, as well as geographical descriptions of the land. 
Be sure you typed up your self description and created a Wordle print! Print it in color for next class, or send me the PDF! yes
09/10/2014 | Welcome Back!
8th grade is here! cool It has been a tremendous start to a very important year! In class, we have been focusing on the concept of 212 Degrees as our team motto. Through our conversations, analysis, questions, and research students have gained a deeper understanding of the importance of attitude, kindness, focus, belief, and perseverance. I hope that each of you will remember that a little extra effort can go a very long way! I have been impressed with your maturity, open-mindedness, and cooperation as we viewed various motivational videos, practiced strategies to help focus, brainstormed ways to spread kindness, and discussed the value of belief in yourself. (Remember Virgil's quote: "They can because they think they can.")
I'm excited to see what you have created in response to our study of 212 degree and its components. I know your own motivational videos will be amazing! You are your teachers' inspiration! Finish strong!
I will be posting the most inspiring videos from each block, so check back soon! smiley
As always, keep up with your 30 minutes of DAILY reading! You will ALWAYS need an IR book in class, along with your class supplies...and a positive attitude! yes
This is YOUR year!!