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10/08/2018 | This week in Sra. H's classes
We are beginning a new unit called Who am I?.  It will focus on students being able to describe their personality and physical traits as well as identify their nationality.  The central verb being used with this unit is SER, which mean TO BE.  Students will also learn the Spanish subject pronouns. By the end of the unit, students should be able to write, read, understand, and say short sentences using all the grammar and vocab from the unit.  We will spend a good month on this unit, so they have time to learn it all.

At the end of the unit, students will be given a three-part test that focuses on different areas: listening, speaking, and writing.  I have provided the students with a breakdown of each test with expectations, rubrics, and grading. If you have questions about it, ask me or your child to show you the document (it's in the Who am I? unit folder in Schoology). There will be some test along the way too. I will need to test them on certain aspects of the unit to make sure all are understanding the material as we go.  These tests will be small and a good indicator of your student's progress.

All of your kids are so much fun to have in class! I have really enjoyed getting to know them this past month and a half.  

Sra. H
10/08/2018 | Sra. Hagestad's classes
This week in Spanish class, we reviewed several items from Trimester 3 last year: articles, colors, classroom objects, body parts, and noun-adjective agreement. We will review clothing next week and have our last test on our 6th grade review.

Today we had some fun with tongue-twisters (trabalenguas) in Spanish. Only a few were brave enough to be recorded for this posting. Click on the links below to watch them. Enjoy!
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09/14/2018 | This week in my classes


This week in class, we finished reviewing material from Trimester 2 back in 6th grade. This covers numbers 1-100, the days and months, the date, the weather, and time. There is a post-test coming up on Tuesday, September 18 that covers all these topics. Students have several ways to prepare: study their notes, go into Quizlet and find the appropriate study sets, and go in Schoology where there are things like songs and notes. We will spend the day Monday reviewing for the test.

If a student is not going to be in school on Tuesday, they must make arrangements with me to take it. It is not always possible or ideal to do makeups during class. Rather, they must come in during lunch or another time to do so.

I have created a Google Classroom for each class. I will use it as a way to remind students about upcoming tests, homework, etc. I will not put the actual homework in Google Classroom. Instead, check Schoology. I post the daily homework there in the folder marked Tarea de agosto y septiembre (August & September Homework). Students were sent an invitation through their school email and must join the classroom through that link. I will also continue to post updates in Schoology, as Schoology is my main means of posting work and info for students.

As always, email me any questions or concerns at