Ms. Megan Hoffman-Junk's Classroom News

09/16/2018 | Friday, September 15
        Next week, we will continue working on literature elements as we study and discuss internal and external conflict. We will read Frank Stockton’s “The Lady or the Tiger”, find examples of conflict, and students will write a 200-500 word ending to the story answering the question “Did the courtier choose the lady or the tiger?”
        In addition, students should be well on their way to completing their first independent reading book for Trimester 1. Early in the week, we will take a look at the “Somebody, wanted, but, so, then” strategy for writing concise and objective summaries. We will practice this strategy as we read  “The Interlopers” by Saki.  Books, summaries, and parent signatures are due on Monday, September 24. Students received independent reading logs at the beginning of the year. I have extra copies if needed.
        I am really enjoying spending time with your children. They are quite wonderful!
Warmest regards,
Barbara Buzard

08/28/2018 | Reading - August 27, 2018
          Hello Equinox families!  I‘d like to take a minute to introduce myself and let you know what students will be working on for the upcoming weeks in Reading, since I will be filling in for Mrs. Hoffman-Junk during her maternity leave.  I am a recently retired language arts teacher who enjoyed a long teaching career right here at Springman Middle School. I already know many Equinox students, as I had the pleasure of working with them last year while teaching language arts on the Discovery team.  I am excited to be back and join the Equinox team for the third time since my retirement. 
          During the first trimester, seventh graders will complete all of the Common Core Trimester 1 Literature Standards by studying story elements and plot line development.  Story elements will include setting, characterization, conflict, mood, tone, irony, point of view, writing concise summaries, and literature vocabulary. 
          In addition to the Common Core Reading Standards, students will also complete Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards as they select an independent reading book to present to their classmates in a formal book talk.
          Students will also participate in an independent reading program and will be expected to bring a book to class each session and spend time reading each evening.  

I am really looking forward to teaching your children!
Barbara Buzard