Lunch Menu

Middle School Lunch Menu

Feeding the Future with Nutritious School Lunches

The District 34 Food Services team is dedicated to making sure each child has a positive and nutritious lunch experience. The District Food Service Program is part of the federal government’s National School Lunch Program. By following the guidelines of this program, we are able to provide meals to all children, including providing assistance to low-income families through the free/reduced breakfast/lunch program. 

Served Daily

  • Delicious Freshly Prepared Sandwiches
    • Served on Whole Grain Breads, Rolls and Wraps
  • Entrée Salad Specials
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Uncrustable Sandwich
  • Yogurt, Cheese Stick and Muffin 
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Side Choices
  • 1% and Skim rBST Free Milk Choices 

We Also Serve

  • Reduced-fat (RF) baked entrées
  • Zero trans fat products
  • Low-fat cheese pizzas with whole grain (WG) crusts
  • Whole grain pasta, breads, rolls and buns
  • Whole white meat chicken products
  • A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables with all meals
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Information concerning product allergens is obtained solely from the vendor or the manufacturer of the specific product. District 34 does not warrant or guarantee the information provided by the vendor or manufacturer. The information posted does not guarantee that the external manufacturers, producers and handlers of the food products have maintained an allergen-free environment.