6th to 7th Grade Transition



Current 6th Grade Parents:  Please follow the link below to assist with your child's transition from 6th grade to 7th grade.  You may provide input about your child's team placement by completing the Parent Input Form.  Information about your child’s personality and learning style can assist us greatly in making decisions about your child’s placement.  We are using an electronic format to collect information from parents.  You can access the electronic parent input letter by clicking on the link below You will then be directed to an electronic form where you can begin sharing insights about your child. Please complete the input form no later than May 4, 2015.  After clicking the “submit” button at the end of the electronic form, you will see a confirmation message on the screen indicating we have received your input.  If you need help accessing the link or do not have internet access at home, please come to the Springman Main Office – we’re happy to help!  Please note: If you wrote a letter last year regarding your child’s 6th grade transition, that letter will NOT be used as placement information for 7th grade due to the potential for friendships and other factors to change.

Parent Input Form for 7th Grade